Incredible Shower Curtain Helps To Conserve Water By Growing Spikes When You Stay In Too Long

Spiky Shower Curtain

Invention of the year contender right here.

I’m sure that everyone reading this has been guilty of staying in the shower way too long and wasting water because of it and you can’t really blame anyone for it either – sometimes it’s just so relaxing and awesome to stand there getting drenched in water and washing yourself.

Unfortunately though water wastage is a very real problem and there isn’t really a way that it can be regulated because nobody can really be trusted to not enjoy a long hot shower from time to time. That’s where textile-based installation artist and educator Elisabeth Buecher comes in.

Spiky Shower Curtain 1

She’s designed a shower curtain that’s going to combat water loss as after four minutes of showering they inflate into massive spikes, forcing the user out of the shower and into the bathroom. Unfortunately they haven’t been made for mass consumption but I think it’s a totally dope idea and it would probably make a good birthday present for my flat mate who’s always spending too much time in the shower when I want to get in there in the morning.

Whilst it isn’t exactly the kind of thing you would buy yourself, I’m sure everyone has someone in their life who could benefit from one so I think it could really work as a product. It’s certainly more useful than these ridiculous Japanese inventions. Sort it out Elisabeth.

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