Irish Hipsters Mistake Video For Still Camera

Irish Hipsters Cunt

This prank started off in Nottingham a couple of weeks ago and now it’s emigrated to Dublin and is even funnier.

This gag started a couple of weeks ago when a bunch of Nottingham Trent University students got caught mistaking a video for a still camera and the results pretty much went viral because they were so cringeworthy.

The craze has now made it over to Ireland where hipsters who frequent a club called C.U.N.T. in Dublin (yeah, it’s really called C.U.N.T. – I guess that’s hipster irony) got caught out posing for the camera, only for it to be a video. This is probably better than the Nottingham Trent University video as the club is full of hipsters who love the camera doing all kinds of weird poses, and they actually used ‘You’re So Vain’ as the backing track which just makes the whole montage that little bit more beautiful.

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