Quick Thinking Shopkeeper Obliterates Armed Robbers With Makeshift Flamethrower (VIDEO)


That’s how you do it.

You’ve got to love it when shopkeepers and barmen fight back in an armed robbery situation, but this guy takes it to the next level with his sick homemade weapon skills.

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The footage below shows the incredible moment a quick-thinking shopkeeper fights his way out of an armed robbery with a makeshift flamethrower. Dan Rigney was standing behind the till when two masked men charged in carrying weapons.

Without any hesitation, Rigney pulls up a can of bug spray and a lighter, creating a pretty decent flamethrower that he uses to completely throw off the thieves. And yet, even after the fiery attack the robbers persist, but still Rigney manages to escape:

Hats off to you Rigney – you clearly know how to handle yourself in a dangerous situation. I bet he plays a lot of video games.

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