This Shopkeeper Killed Dozens of People With ‘Revenge Sweets’

The real life Willy Wanker (and purveyor of revenge sweets).

I used to love pick ‘n’ mix when I was a kid. Sometimes I would get greedy and eat too much, causing me to puke all over the lounge carpet. But luckily, I never came across a ‘revenge sweet.’

Khalid Mehmood, a sweet shop owner, has confessed to fatally poisoning at least 30 people with a batch of goods laced with pesticides. Apparently, he was trying to take revenge on his brother, who had jeered and insulted him in a business dispute. Regrettably, there was a mix up.

Here’s what happened (in Khalid’s own words):

I wanted to teach him a lesson; I was so angry that I mixed the pesticides bottle in the sweets being baked at that time.

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A bit of a balls up in anyone’s book. This ‘revenge sweet’ error ended up costing around 30 people their lives, including a local man and a number of his family members, who bought the sweets to celebrate the birth of his grandson. Four victims are still in hospital.

Both the Mehmood brothers were arrested along with one of their employees and they are both due to appear in court on Saturday. Perhaps they should be forced to eat the rest of the sweets in front of a jury of their peers.

And I thought Sweeney Todd was bad.


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