Shop Employee Brings Baseball Bat To Fight Customer Who Refused To Wear A Mask (VIDEO)

This employee is willing to fight a customer to the death over his company’s mask mandate.

Another day, another mask enthusiast challenging an anti-masker to a fight in public, this time at a Seattle branch of Ace Hardware over in the States.

I guess this employee had dealt with his fair share of anti-maskers during the pandemic and has just about had it up to here, and so this time he chose to enforce the mask mandate with the assistance of a wooden baseball bat. Or rather, he tries to…

Wow that customer really held his own despite being smaller than his opponent and didn’t even back at down at the sight of that baseball bat. In fact I think he even kinda won the fight? Really rocked him with a kick to the gut at one point and ended up on top of him for a brief moment. Good for him!

I’m not sure why a minumum wage employee wants to fight a customer to the death over a multi million dollar company’s mask rules in the first place, but hey, who knows what happened before the camera started rolling. Speaking of which, pure cringe from the cameraman throughout. Just backing away the whole time before hiding behind his car to yell “I’ve got it all on camera, bitch!”. Yes you do, buddy. Congratulations.

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