Man Tries To Fight Everyone Outside Tesco, Forces Supermarket To Shut During Lockdown

Covidiot of the day.

There’s no time to waste at the supermarkets these days, but unfortunately there’ll always be idiots who have to make the situation worse like this guy outside Tesco Express over in Bricknell, Merseyside.

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According to the Liverpool Echo, the man was thrown out of the store at 11am as he couldn’t pay for his beer and punched a member of staff in the face. They then had to lock the doors while he kept ranting and raving outside:

What a knobhead. Aside from punching a dude in the face, shutting down Tesco’s, and screaming like a lunatic – how many times did he break social distancing etiquette there?

The funniest part is that he thinks he’s some kind of Scottish Tony Soprano or at least can’t decide whether he’s Glaswegian or Sicilian while trying to act like the hardest man in town. Sadly no matter how hard he tried to fight everyone in the video, no one took the bait and so we unfortunately miss out on the sweet knockout ending this video deserved. At least we got to see him get cuffed though – that’s another dangerous moron off the streets for now.

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