An Athletics Shop Has Banned A Local MP For Life After He Voted Against Free School Meals

Unlucky pal.

There’s a lot of anger directed at the current sitting government in the last week or so after they voted against extending free school meals for children over the holidays because it would apparently ‘cost too much’ and parents are too lazy and don’t know how to budget properly to feed their kids, with a lot of people taking action and protesting against it.

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Manchester United footballer Marcus Rashford has galvanised support and managed to convince over 1000 organisations in the country to provide meals for those in need over half term, but other people are choosing to bar local MPs from their businesses in retaliation for how they voted. One such local businessman is Ian Bailey, who has revealed that his local MP David Morris has been banned from his athletics store ‘The Runners Centre’ in Lancaster for the rest of his life following his decision to vote against the initiative.

Here’s what Ian had to say about his decision:

I think it all stems from the Conservatives statement that we’re all in this together and that can mean this pandemic or it could mean anything.

But it’s soon apparent that it’s one rule for them and another rule for us and to force the North of the country into a lockdown so the south of England in particular can stay open is very unfair when it has massive economic repercussions on the poorest of society.

For David Morris to vote against allowing the children meal credit to continue is just abhorrent when he himself will sit in Parliament and get subsidised meals within Westminster where he won’t extend that privilege to anybody else. It’s just completely wrong. So from that we banned him from this store.

I’m desperate for him to come in just so I can ask him to leave.

I kinda respect what Ian is saying there because I think it’s ridiculous that the government can’t subsidise the cost of feeding some starving children who are living in poverty when they can afford to give £12 billion to their mates to sort out a Test and Trace system that doesn’t even work, but I do think he’s sounding a bit smug banning Morris for life. I doubt Morris even gives a shit about it – he doesn’t look like he’s a keen runner – and so it just comes across looking a bit lame and pathetic and attention grabbing, but I can’t really knock the sentiment behind it.

David Morris sounds like a twat sure, but I’m not sure if banning him for life from an athletics store is going to help anyone in this situation. I realise it probably only took about five minutes to put that sign up in the window, but I’m sure Bailey could have done something more productive to help starving children with that time if he really cared so much.

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