Shocking Video Shows Bridesmaid Down 60% Alcohol Shortly Before Choking To Death


So tragic.

A weekend wedding ended in tragedy recently when a bridesmaid in Wenchang City, south China, downed a large glass of strong alcohol which caused her to choke on her own vomit following the heavy boozing session.

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The woman had necked a massive glass of baiju, which is a 60% rice wine. I’ve drank that shit before and let me tell you, it will strip your stomach out.

In the video her friends all seem to find it pretty funny as she’s falling around. Unaware of the danger she’s in, they put her on a luggage trolley and push her around the hotel. Shortly after she was rushed to hospital, but unfortunately the doctors were unable to save her.

It was later confirmed that she had choked on her own vomit. So sad and such a waste of a life. It does make you realise how dangerous drinking alcohol can really be. I don’t think this dude who necked a 2 litre bottle of Jack Daniel’s would agree though.


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