This Shocking Footage Shows Naked Teenagers Performing Sex Acts On Dance Floor In Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa

I say Ayia, you say Napa.

There’s no denying that Ayia Napa is pretty much the dumping ground for boozed up Brits, going on their yearly holiday to get pissed and catch Chlamydia.

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But due to an increasing amount of videos like the one below emerging, the local police have said they are going to team up with the tourism industry in order to crack down on the anti-social behaviour in the resort’s clubbing strip.

Normally, the strip in Ayia Napa is famed for its bar crawls, where resort representatives encourage tourists to neck as much booze as is humanly possible and partake in lewd sex acts. If you would like to see what that looks like, check out the video below:

Cheeky little laughing gas balloon right at the end there. Their mums must be so proud.

Seriously though, fuck that. Spending weeks on end huffing on fish bowls, while the dregs of society roll around naked, spreading their STDs about is not a holiday. It’s an endurance test.

And Ayia Napa was probably quite a nice place until it got bombarded with arsehole British people. Same goes for these holiday destinations.


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