Shocking Footage Shows Charleston Killer Laugh As He Describes Murder Of Worshippers


No remorse.

The footage below shows white supremacist Dylan Roof laugh repeatedly as he describes shooting a church full of African-American worshipers.

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Last year, Roof shot dead nine people when he opened fire in a historic black church in Charleston, North Carolina.

In a recorded confession with the FBI, which was only recently released, Roof was initially reluctant to admit what he did, but eventually confessed while laughing about his crimes:

This piece of evidence has come as Roof stands trial for his crimes. He is currently facing the death penalty, although his lawyers are trying to convince jurors to spare his life in the second phase of the trial.

I’m not one who agrees with the death penalty in any way, but I do think his crimes are hideous. What’s even more hideous is that people like this get described as lunatics, whereas if this situation were flipped and Roof was actually a Muslim, he’d probably be described as a terrorist. Same goes for Jo Cox’s murderer. It just seems a bid one sided.


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