Jo Cox’s Murderer Acts Mental In Court; Gives His Name As ‘Death To Traitors, Freedom For Britain’

Thomas Mair

Mentally unstable.

52-year-old Thomas Mair was charged at Westminster magistrates court today for the brutal murder of Labour MP Jo Cox. When asked to confirm his name, he said:

My name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain.

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He remained silent when asked for his date of birth and address. I think it’s quite safe to say that this guy is clearly mentally unstable. And although there has been no definite motive as of yet, Mair was heard shouting ‘Britain First’ during the attack and it’s known that he is a far-Right extremist who is against Cox’s work. He attacked the late MP outside a library where she was holding an advice surgery for her constituents, stabbing her several times as well as shooting her. So tragic.

Jo Cox mural

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The court case will continue to investigate Mair’s motives, as well as his mental state. The deputy chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot said:

Bearing in mind the name he has just given, he ought to be seen by a psychiatrist.

Despite the extreme nature of the murder and the fact that far-Right extremism is a major line of enquiry into the death of Jo Cox, according to reports Mair is not facing terror charges. Which is pretty crazy considering if it was from a different perspective and say the murderer had killed Cox in the name of Islam, you know that it would definitely be treated as a terror act.

I wonder if this douche is going to go around to everyone who is right wing and ask them to ‘explain Jo Cox’.


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