Here’s A Shirtless And Rat Tailed Shia LaBeouf Delivering An Excellent Freestyle Rap

Shia LaBoeuf Freestyle Rap

Add freestyle rapper to Shia LaBoeuf’s list of skills.

Not content with delivering excellent motivational speeches and headbutting random guys in pubs in South London, Shia LaBeouf has decided to add freestyle rapper to his list of skills in the below video.

I’m not sure where or when it’s from but I don’t think it’s that recent because Shia has a rattail, which I don’t think he was sporting in that motivational speech video from a couple of months ago. The setting for the video is kind of bizarre too – it appears to be at some kind of BBQ hangout with Shia topless and hanging out with his buddies.

Even more surprising is that Shia is actually a fairly decent freestyle rapper. Can’t wait for him to drop a record.

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