Shirtless Crackhead Tries To Pick A Fight On Train And Gets Choked Out (VIDEO)

Choked Out

That’s the way to deal with an assholes like this.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re on public transport minding your own business and some drugged up idiot without a top on comes up to you and starts trying to have a fight with you. I just don’t need that shit man.

What is good though is when this does happen and out of nowhere some silent protector gets up out of his seat and chokes him out for you with the minimal of fuss. What an absolute hero:

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Yeah, that’s the way to deal with these situations. Not to shout ‘World Star’ like that other idiot who was filming the whole thing, just get up, sort it out calmly and sternly and then stand on the guy to stop him from getting back up. Guy should get some kind of local hero award or something. Can we get one of him on every train?

Good thing that this drug addict didn’t know the best defence against a choke ever though, isn’t it? Chances are even if he did he wasn’t going to remember it in that state.


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