Shia LaBeouf Just Got Arrested On Live Stream After Attacking Neo-Nazi (VIDEO)

Shia arrested live

Of course he did.

It’s only been a few days since Shia LaBeouf set up his four year live stream protest in New York in order to speak out against Donald Trump’s Presidency and of course already he has caused a lot of trouble.

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Less than a week into the project called ‘He Will Not Divide Us’, the actor has been arrested after allegedly attacking a neo-Nazi in the face for saying that, “Hitler did nothing wrong.” If that really is the case then I think the punch was justified.

Shia’s protest has been targeted by publicity seekers including Nazis and members of the alt-right, who have been attempting to hijack the live stream. After making the outrageously offensive statement, the Hitler supporter was pushed by Shia who was then lead away in handcuffs by the police officers. You can see both of these events in the two videos below:

That guy was a douchebag. Even if you are joking, it’s not funny and it’s highly offensive. Bad call – I hope the police let Shia off so he can get back to what he does best – trolling the entire world.

To watch a less impactful live stream set up by Shia, click HERE.


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