People Think Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello Are On Drugs During Painfully Slow Quarantine Stroll

How is it humanly possible to walk this slow?

This video of Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabellos going for their daily stroll in Miami has gone viral because of how painfully slow the couple are walking.

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I mean just imagine how annoying it would be being stuck behind these two while bopping down the street (when there isn’t a global pandemic going on). How is it even humanly possible to walk this slow?

How much weed do you think these two have smoked while in quarantine to be walking at that pace? Maybe they ate some edibles and didn’t feel anything and so hit a massive blunt afterwards? We’ve all been there. I mean they’re walking so slow that they’re almost going backwards. I’m just trying to figure it out because there’s no other reasonable explanation for how slow these two are walking.

Much of Twitter seems to be in agreement that these two are stoned off their faces but there’s also some who say this is mindful walking meditation. Which could be the case I guess, but I prefer to think they’re high as balls. What else are you going to do when you’re a young celebrity couple in quarantine?

It’s not the first time these two have freaked everyone out on social media either – remember that weird kiss they shared months ago? Yikes.

[h/t E! News]


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