People Are Really Freaked Out By Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello’s Weird Kiss Video


Fair enough, it’s gotta be pretty draining to be a celebrity and have people hound and criticise your every move, but there’s gotta be less freaky ways to deal with it than what Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello just decided to do, right?

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In case you were unaware, the couple were recently criticised by anyone and everyone for the way that they made out with each other in public because people thought they had a bad kissing technique or whatever, so in order to deal with this, they decided to upload a video of the pair of them making out how they normally do behind closed doors and well, take a look for yourself:

Ewww that’s so gross isn’t it? I dunno if anyone was suckered in and thought they were going to see the couple end up having sex or anything but come on guys, that was never gonna happen and I suppose we all got what we deserved for watching it. I gotta ask why Shawn and Camila even think that this is funny though because it’s just icky and stupid – they’re definitely going to look back on it and cringe aren’t they?

Here’s what a couple of people on Twitter had to say about it:

I can’t believe it. They are so weird.

Just why? It’s like teenagers having their first snog on a sofa at a party so that they look cool.

I’m all for a little tongue. But what made me cringe the most was the awkward silence in the middle of this performance. How do you mute a kiss?

Yeah like I said, weird. I guess maybe we should praise them for being so young and full of love, but maybe they should just stop snogging where anyone can see them anyway? Don’t really need to see that stuff, you know?

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