These Shark-Shaped Tea Bags Release Gruesome Blood Red Tea

Shark shaped tea bags

So freakin’ rad.

Japanese organisation, Daisho Fishery Company, have created the ultimate herbal teabags – shark-shaped pouches that bleed red tea when infused in water. Why is everything that comes out of Japan the absolute best?

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The teabags come in two shapes: the gory great white shark, which comes with a scuba diver tag, and the whale shark with a boat-shaped tag. The great white is filled with a combination of rose hip and hibiscus, while the whale shark is filled with green tea.

OK, so they’re not actually available yet, as the company is currently crowdfunding on Makuake to bring these little bundles of joy to the shelves. But they’re getting there, so if you too would like to impress your buddies with some ‘Jaws’ themed teabags then why not contribute and make these guys’ dream become a reality?

While we’re on the topic of sharks, check out this mental video of a small shark getting eaten by one twice its size. Nature can be a cruel thing.


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