Shamima Begum Says That Her Whole World Fell Apart When Her UK Citizenship Was Revoked

Not surprising really.

Shamima Begum or the ISIS bride as she is better known hasn’t been in the news as much as she was last year, but it’s safe to say that she’s still having a pretty torrid time.

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Shamima is currently living in al-Roj, a Syrian camp close to the Iraqi border, where she shares a tent with a US-Canadian citizen named Kimberly Polman. The pair have access to heating, electricity, satellite TV and cooking appliances but it’s safe to say that it’s hardly the most desirable environment to live in, especially as the camp is full of dangerous radicals.

Shamima’s location became apparent thanks to her involvement with an ABC news report on the camp. She was also interviewed as part of this, where she said the following:

When my citizenship got rejected, I felt like my whole world fell apart right in front of me.

You know, especially the way I was told. I wasn’t even told by a government official. I had to be told by journalists.

I kind of saw it coming because I did do my research just before I came out.

I thought I would be a bit different because I had not done anything wrong before I came to ISIS.

I said that I didn’t regret joining ISIS because  I had just come into the camp. I had just given birth.

I was hearing all these stories about women threatening other women, you know, folk uncovering their faces or speaking to men or doing interviews or anything like that.

I just was afraid for my life.

I mean maybe she was – she probably was – but you still can’t really underestimate her naivety when she decided to leave the country to join a terrorist organisation in the Middle East. What did she think was going to happen? There’s really no other way that her life could have turned out is there?

Again, her lack of understanding the real world is further exemplified by the fact that she thought it would be a bit different because she didn’t do anything wrong before she joined ISIS. I mean that might have been the case, but you still joined ISIS didn’t you? An organisation that was literally trying to destroy the Western world that she now so desperately wants to return to. Think about it.

For more of the same, check her out here saying she was brainwashed. Maybe she was, but even so, right?


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