Shake Weight is a gym aid that supposedly builds muscles by simulating the actions made when jacking someone off. We check out the evidence for ourselves.

Sharon Testing Out Her Shake Weight

Sharon Testing Out Her Shake Weight

Every Southpark episode I’ve watched I’ve believed to be about fabricated topics so when I watched the episode “Crème Fraiche” and was introduced to the Shake Weight for the first time, I thought I was watching a story about a fictional (and completely ridiculous) work out aid, I was wrong. The Shake Weight does exists and is basically the most ridiculous piece of gym equipment I have ever seen. Before I explain what the Shake Weight is, check out the official commercial that was aired across America:


So yeah, the Shake Weight is a work out aid aimed at woman to tone their flabby chicken wings by reproducing the actions of beating off. Do you know what’s even more stupid?  Over 2 million Shake Weights were sold in the first year on market at 20 dollars a piece, which is 40 million dollars in revenue.

Does the Shake Weight Actually Work?

A quick search on Google leads to the pretty unanimous conclusion that no, the Shake Weight does not do what it says on the box and is a total scam.

The first website (seems like a pretty credible source) slates the Shake Weight saying:

Despite the fact that the muscles of the arms, chest, shoulders and back are not moving through a range of motion the makers of the Shake Weight claim to be able to deliver muscle and strength building results.  This flies in the face of just about every bit of existing legitimate scientific data on the subject of muscle and strength building.

Furthermore, the muscles of the biceps and triceps are among the smallest muscles of the body, and “exercising” them provides very little stimulus — metabolic or strength/muscle building.

So if it doesn’t actually do what it’s meant to why have so many people bought a Shake Weight?

It seems that the three obvious answers to this are:

1. Everyone who bought a Shake Weight is stupid

2. Everyone who bought a Shake Weight loves pretending to jack dudes off

3. Because the Shake Weight is such a ridiculous product with a commercial that is obviously a complete joke it’s become a massive internet sensation and received free publicity which combined with answer 1. and/or 2. has lead to many of the general public to order one

Even coverage on a well known news channels leads to the whole report turning into an absolute joke as each news reporter takes turns pretending to beat off their Shake Weight. Listen closely to this video and see if you can hear the cameraman whispering ‘Oh God’ as he zooms into the tightly dressed gym going lady beating off her big heavy Shake Weight:


I thank Southpark for first showing me the Shake Weight and I thank Shake Weight for teaching me that you can be successful with a stupid product that doesn’t even do what it’s meant to.

This leads me to ask, can I make a Shake Weight with my Thing-O-Matic?



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