Sha’Carri Richardson Has P*ssed Everyone Off By Liking A Racist Tweet About Jamaica

How to go from hero to zero in one summer.

What a summer it’s been for Sha’Carri Richardson. After all the hype about her being the ‘world’s fastest woman’, she tested positive for marijuana use and was banned from competing at the Tokyo Olympics.

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She then returned to the race track the other week and got absolutely annihilated, coming in dead last in ninth place before being trolled by one of her opponents in the background of an interview:

Sha’Carri had already started making enemies and rubbing people up the wrong way with some cocky Tweets she was putting out…

In the sprint game, at least on Twitter, there’s a big rivalry between the Americans and Jamaicans. So then it was obviously gonna kick off when Sha’Carri liked the following Tweet making fun of Jamaican runners…

As if she couldn’t make things any worse for herself, Sha’Carri then bizarrely “threw shade” on female sprinting legend Alysson Felix, after Felix had just got done praising her on TV! What the hell?

Which resulted in both Americans and Jamaicans on Twitter turning on her altogether and making memes/trolling her into the night. Whoops…

So yeah, I’m not sure what Sha’Carri Richardson is thinking here (if she’s thinking at all), because she only seems interested in making enemies and is even shooting down people who are trying to defend her. Is this some kind of WWE-style heel turn or something? Everyone on was on her side following the suspension for smoking weed which made no sense at all, and instead of rolling with that energy and making a big comeback as a fan favourite, she ends up coming in 9th place and seems to be trying to actively turn everyone against her.

Who knew there was so much drama in the world of sprinting eh?

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