This Guy’s ‘Sexy Ice Cream’ Making Video Is The Creepiest Thing On The Internet

There’s no need to gyrate your hips like that mate.

There’s no denying that if you’re starting a new business/venture and you want to get some hype behind it then the best thing you can do this day and age is to make a viral video, but you’ve gotta make sure that your video goes viral for the right reasons – and not because you’re being completely creepy and cringeworthy.

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Unfortunately, this guy from a place called Bubba Ice has definitely fallen into the latter category with his attempt to do something sexy with ice cream for International Women’s Day and failing spectacularly. He thought it would be good to make a ‘sexy’ video of him making ice cream for all the women out there, but he just comes across as being completely creepy and weird in it.

Take a look and you’ll see what I mean (also some bonus content with an avocado ice cream to prove this isn’t a one off):

Yeah I mean there’s just so much wrong with those videos isn’t there? Why is he gyrating his hips so much whilst he’s making the ice cream? Why does he wink at the camera and stare at it like that? Why is he so obviously putting on that voice because he thinks it’s more likely to get him laid? How exactly DOES ice cream make you sexy?

The sad thing about this is that even though almost everyone on the thread appears to be in unison that this guy is cringey weirdo, at least one girl (or guy) out there will have fallen for this horrendous attempt at sex appeal and ended up getting with him. So in his mind, he will have succeeded in making ice cream sexy, even in a post woke 2019 world. Makes me wanna shoot myslef sometimes.

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