Sexy Halloween Costumes – If You Think A Cheeseburger Costume Is Sexy That Is



Cheeseburger Halloween Costume is a sexy lingerie store. I have never heard of it, but then there isn’t really that much need for me to be buying sexy lingerie but I guess it’s pretty popular among the female population, although probably not as big as Agent Provocateur or whatever. Anyway, Halloween is coming up and they’ve decided to unleash a bunch of sexy halloween costumes for us. Great, right?

Wrong. Their ‘sexy Halloween costumes’ are the complete opposite of sexy. Although the costumes themselves might be kinda sexy, the costume content (is that a phrase? Not sure what else to use? Maybe I should trademark that shit?) is completely retarded. Who the hell wants to dress up as a cheeseburger for Halloween? Or Big Bird? Or a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?

Actually scrap that, I’m not really explaining it that well, all of those Halloween costumes are perfectly passable and pretty cool, except maybe the cheeseburger. It’s the fact that has tried to make these costumes sexy and it just doesn’t work at all. The Big Bird costume looks sexy sure, but it doesn’t exactly look much like Big Bird. I mean as soon as you lose that Big Bird hat – which is probably gonna happen almost instantly if you’re at a Halloween frat party looking to get laid in your sexy outfit because some chumpy frat boy is definitely gonna grab it off you in an attempt to flirty – nobody is gonna know what your costume is and you’re gonna spend the whole time explaining who you are.

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Of course, if you dressed up in a sexy costume you probably wanted to get laid so this could work in your favour as it’s a good opener, but to me it kinda defeats the purpose of Halloween. I mean most people dress to get laid every weekend, so it’s cool to have a week off and just dress up as one of your favourite cartoon characters or something really scary and have a good time at a party without worrying about having to get laid for once. Or worry even more by trying to make a really sick costume for about three weeks before that you’re sure the babes are all gonna cream over. Either way, these ‘sexy Halloween costumes’ are just stupid. If you want a ‘sexy Halloween costume’ dress up as Jessica Rabbit or Xena Warrior Princess or something, don’t bother dressing up as Big Bird or a cheeseburger or a stick of chewing gum.

Amazing there are over 2000 of these ridiculous ‘sexy Halloween costumes’ over on and in fariness the majority of them are really sexy and definitely work, like the SWAT hottie costume or the Britney Spears Schoolgirl but a lot of them are really retarded and make you wonder why anyone would ever bother creating them, let alone wearing them. Here’s a few of the dumbest ones that I managed to find:


Sexy Halloween Costume Big Bird


Sexy Halloween Costume Vampire Bat


Sexy Halloween Costume Tootsie Roll


sexy halloween costume tiger

Click the 2 below or HERE for some more ridiculously dumb ‘sexy Halloween costumes.’



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