Sexy Footballers/Managers 2014 Calendar

We’re pleased to say that the Sexy Football Calendar is back for 2014 with more hilarious cartoons of your favourite football personalities.

We featured the Sexy Football Managers Calendar last year when it was in its first edition and we’re happy to say that it has returned for another year this year. If you missed it last year, the idea behind it was that it had a cartoon of a famous football manager looking pretty stupid for each month of the year and most of them were hilarious i.e. Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola dressed up as the cowboys from Brokeback Mountain and hugging each other.

This year is more of the same, only they’ve expanded their range to include footballers and footballing personalities like Sepp Blatter and the Neville brothers (who are portrayed as ice skaters Torville and Dean). Check out all the images and as a promo video for the sexy footballers/managers 2014 calendar on the next page.

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