Best Xmas Present Ever: The Sexy Managers Calendar

sexy managers calendar

This is described as ‘The perfect gift for any football fan. This unique and bespoke calendar features all our favourite managers in their very best poses.’ When you see some of these poses though you will absolutely lose it though because they’re all real lolz.

If the Danny Dyer Mug that we featured a week or so ago didn’t tickle your fancy as an excellent Xmas Present then maybe we’ve got the gift for you here. Calendars have always made a solid (i.e. shit and unimaginative) xmas present (or a birthday present if your birthday happens to be in December) but usually I find them pretty useless because I’ll just stick them up on my wall and then never write anything on them because I have a really good memory so don’t really forget any social engagements. I guess it’s kind of fun when you first get the calendar though and get to look at all the pictures. I had a really good Buffy The Vampire Slayer one once. Actually that’s a lie it was just Sarah Michelle Gellar, but you get the picture. I think I actually bothered to flip over the months on that one whereas I don’t think I bothered doing that  with my Birmingham City calendar or Simpsons calendar.

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Although i don’t think the sexy managers calendar is going to have the same affect on me as the Sarah Michelle Gellar one, I do think I would at least flick through it and have a look at all the pictures and have a little bit of a chuckle at it because it does look like it’s going to be really, really stupid. I mean, it’s a great idea to photoshop the faces of some of your favourite Premier League managers  onto sexy cartoon poses. You get to see Andre Villas Boas riding a white horse at the beach! Robert Mancini naked on a balcony with only a Manchester City scarf covering his (cartoon) dick! And probably best of all Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho dressed up as the characters from Brokeback Mountain hugging each other!  Arsene Wenger dressed as a French maid. What an excellent Xmas present that would make for somebody huh? It’s only £10 and you can pick it up HERE, although I’m gonna show you all the pictures you can see in it below so I don’t know why you would actually want to buy it.  Oh yeah and thanks to Ed Bramhall for bringing it to our attention.

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Sexy Managers Sven Goran Eriksson

Sexy Managers Calender Mancini And Guardiola

Sexy Managers Calender Harry Redknapp

Sexy Managers Calendar Roy Hodgson

Sexy Managers Calendar Robert Mancini

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