VIDEO: There’s Now A Sex Toy Made Exclusively For Bankers

Sex Toy Bankers

As if we couldn’t hate them even more.

As if bankers already didn’t get a bad enough rep from ripping off the country for their own gain in the last few years, there’s now a sex toy that is inevitably going to make everyone who isn’t a banker hate them even more.

The sex toy is called the LELO Pino and is basically a ‘premium couple’s cock ring’ that promises to the the ‘ultimate stimulus package’. To make it appealing to bankers, it comes in a box with a pin stripe suit, matching cuff links and the piece de resistance of a matching money clip with the manta ‘Always Be Closing’ engraved on it.

To be honest they really know the way to a banker’s heart with all off that crap and probably didn’t even need to include the sex toy to get them to buy it. In any case is anyone who actually wants to be taken seriously going to wear any of that crap which has the logo of a sex toy on it?! Maybe in an edgy post ironic Dalston way but surely not on Wall Street right?

If you’re picking one up or know of anyone who has one, let us know how it rates to other new sex toys like the dildo shaped like your partner’s head. Even if you’re not interested in them though you really need to check out the promo video below which kind of looks like if Darren Araonofsky had made a music video about bankers using embarrassing sex toys. It’s one of the most terrible things I’ve ever seen, seriously.


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