Violent Sex Offender Killed By Runaway Trailer While Watching Porn On His Phone

Karma at its finest.

A freak accident that killed a man walking down the street over in Memphis, Tennessee got even stranger after locals realised who the man was.

Witnesses say the man was watching porn on his phone and not paying attention to his surroundings when he was hit by a runaway trailer and killed.

One witness said:

I think it is ironic that he was watching porn. And this dealt with some of the crimes he may have perpetrated.

Authorities confirmed that victim Kevin Jordan is listed in court records as a violent sex offender involving aggravated rape.

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How about that eh? The universe well and truly at work. A violent rapist just casually walking down the street while watching porn on his phone (what kind of savage does that?), and all of a sudden here comes a trailer out of nowhere completely wiping him out. One less rapist in the world.

It can’t just be a coincidence, can it? Some things are just meant to happen.

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