Engineer Builds Sex Doll That You Need To Charm Before Having Sex With


Spanish engineer Sergi Santos has made a breakthrough in the sex doll game by building a doll that possesses, as he describes it, “physiological intelligence.”

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Sergi has implanted sensors all over the doll’s body, and programmed it to respond to physical and verbal cues. This means you can flirt with and attempt to charm the sex doll before sticking your penis in it.

Depending on what you say and how you touch the doll, Sergi says:

She will be more romantic with you or maybe more sexual.

The doll, named Samantha, currently has 700 phrases programmed but can learn up to 60,000 more.


Ah yes, exactly what the world has been crying out for; a sex doll that requires effort for you to have sex with it. I mean this sentence is just hilarious:


So you’ll whisper some sweet nothing in her ear, maybe she’ll tell you about her day, and if you play your cards right maybe you can have, erm, consensual sex with a robot? Sounds great.

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