The Process For Making Sex Dolls Is As Disturbing As You’d Expect (VIDEO)

Making sex doll

It’s decidedly unsexy.

The sex doll industry has boomed in recent years as more and more weird guys have decided that they prefer the company of an inanimate object rather than that of a real life person.

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Yes, sex dolls are big business and many are sold each and every day. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a real one, but despite that I’ve never really given much thought as to how exactly they’re made. Thankfully though, SuperDeluxe decided to go behind the scenes at the RealDoll factory in San Marcos, California to bring us this behind the scenes footage of the process. To say it makes your skin crawl would be an understatement:

Oh man. Those fake vaginas and nipples are fucking grim and the whole vibe of the video isn’t exactly helped by the fact it’s playing some of the creepiest music I’ve ever heard. I suppose it’s only fitting though, because making fake plastic dolls for men to fuck all day probably is one of the most disturbing jobs out there, maybe even worse than a grave digger. Wouldn’t want to be stuck in a factory like that 8 hours a day, 5 days a week – put it that way.

Still, it’s a way better process than this guy’s homemade sex doll – that’s got to be one of the dingiest things that I’ve ever seen.


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