Seven People Dead After Group Selfie Attempt Goes Horribly Wrong

How not to take a selfie 101.

According to reports out of Uttar Pradesh in India, seven people have drowned after an attempt to take a group selfie went tragically wrong.

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The group had gone to swim in the river Ganga when one decided they should take a group selfie. While taking it, he lost his balance and was swept away by the current.

The six remaining friends all jumped in to save him, and were swept away as well.

A police official explains:

The six friends accompanying him drowned one after another in a bid to rescue others.

Authorities in India have this year declared 16 ‘no-selfie’ zones around Mumbai following several other accidental deaths taken mid-selfie.

These include popular spots such as Bandra Bandstand and Marine Drive.

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The selfie giveth, and the selfie taketh away. What a time to be alive where people are dropping dead just from trying to take a photo of themselves so they can get a bunch of Likes on Instagram, and then probably delete the photo anyway after it doesn’t get more than 10 Likes. Seven human beings dead because of one selfie. Doesn’t get more 2016 than that.

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