Seth Rogen Is Telling The ‘All Lives Matter’ People On His Instagram To Fuck Off


Obviously the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement has exploded over the last week following the death of George Floyd, and there has been the inevitable, uneducated push back from people who are claiming that ‘yeah of course they do, but what’s so special about black lives? Surely all lives matter?’ and obviously have no idea of the hardships that black people are going through from their position of white privilege.

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A lot of these people seem to think that the best way to get their (completely invalid) point across is to leave comments on the social media accounts of celebrities who are supporting the movement as it has the possibility of reaching the highest number of people, and realistically they’re not gonna have the ass to delete any of them or do anything about it. These people sadly weren’t reckoning with Seth Rogen though, who seems to have taken great delight last night in replying to each of them and telling them to fuck off.

Here’s a selection of a few of the best:

What an absolute hero Seth Rogen is here. Hopefully at least some of the people that have left these ignorant messages will re-examine what they’re saying thanks to his comments and realise that they’re views are completely bent because a famous celebrity has bothered to engage with them about them.

I doubt that many will to be honest, but you gotta think that this is gonna have some impact, even if it is fairly small. Just great to see Seth Rogen summing this all up in the simplest way possible. If more celebrities start engaging and following his lead, then it could make even more of a difference. Do the right thing.

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