An Italian Man Is Wearing A ‘Social Isolation Disc’ To Protect Himself From Coronavirus

Good effort.

The Coronavirus problem is becoming more and more serious with the threat of a complete lockdown looming over the UK in the coming days, but one man in Italy might have the perfect solution to avoid being infected.

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The man in question was videoed walking around Rome where he’s taking the World Health Organisation’s instructions to avoid social contact quite literally by wearing what he terms a ‘social isolation disc’ that won’t let him come within three feet of him. He’s wearing the disc around his midriff with the circle stretching out three feet either side of him so that there’s no chance of anyone getting anywhere near him and infecting him.

Here’s a video of the guy in action (and a translation of the conversation he has with the man filming):

Man Filming: ‘And what would this be the security distance for?’

Man Filming: ‘Wonderful. I can’t cope!.’

I mean I suppose you’ve gotta respect the guy for following the guidelines handed out by the WHO for when he’s leaving the house haven’t you? I’m sure those who like to nitpick among us will point out that the virus could survive on his cardboard disc for up to three days as it’s been said to stay on surfaces for this long, but even so I’m gonna give props to this guy for his effort. Hopefully he doesn’t catch it and end up looking like a complete idiot.

For more of the same, check out what this infectious disease expert has to say about it. Not good.


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