Seth Rogan Is Getting Rinsed For His ‘Privileged’ Response To Los Angeles Car Crime

Seth Rogen took objection to someone complaining about car theft in LA.

It’s always nice when a multi-millionaire celebrity explains to you why having your car broken into isn’t a big deal and you should get over it. The guy’s had his car broken into 15+ time in 20 years and doesn’t think it’s an issue at all. It’s just a normal part of living in a big city! All you have to do is call your assistant to get your car fixed and valuables replaced and you’re good. What are all these lower-middle class poors complaining about?

Here’s the general reaction on Twitter:

And so on. Did the response to Seth Rogen’s Tweet lend him a moment of clarity where he realised he’s been rich and famous for so long that he may actually be out of touch with the common man?

I guess Seth Rogen stands by what he said. There’s obviously a lot of great stuff about LA and lots of amazing things to see and do, but come on, it’s no secret that the place has had a sizable drugs, crime and homelessness problem for a while now. Perhaps not so obvious when you’re a multi-millionaire movie star living in a bank vault though.

It wasn’t that long ago that Seth Rogen claimed comedians shouldn’t complain about being ‘cancelled’. The guy who carved a career out of dick jokes!


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