Watch This Dog Fail Every Single Service Dog Test Thrown At Him (VIDEO)

What a good boy.

German shepherds are meant to be one of the smarter dog breeds out there, but that doesn’t mean every one of them is cut out to be a service dog.

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Take this very good boy Ryker for example. His humans took him to Service Dog Training School and he really couldn’t have been any worse at it. In fact he literally failed every test they threw at him:

I mean he either wants to help so badly that he’s actually putting in 200% or he doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and is just living his best dog life and fucking shit up 24/7. The other dogs looking at him like “dude WTF are you doing?” was too funny. Being a useful and dependable service dog is just not the path this particular pooch is going to take in life but it looks like he’s bringing people joy all the same.

Then again if you want your fridge dragged to you from all the way in the kitchen, looks like Ryker is your dog.

What a good boy.

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