A Serial Rapist Has Said That He ‘Forgives’ His Victims

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Over in Queensland, Australia, a serial rapist named John Collins has decided that he’s ‘forgiven his victims with all his heart’ as he seeks to overturn his rape conviction. Right.

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Collins has been convicted of raping three separate women in the the late 80s and early 00s, and has a history of luring young women onto his yacht. He was found guilty of the offences at three separate trials in 2014 and 2015.

Speaking on Wednesday, Collins said the following. He was defending himself, obviously:

I’ve forgiven them in my heart (for) what they’ve done to me.

I’m going to die in jail because of these people, because of their filthy lies.

I was hoping the three of you … would put your heads together and say this is just ridiculous.

Hmm. This is an interesting angel to take, but I think it’s actually Collins who is acting ridiculously in this situation for a couple of reasons:

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  1. He’s claiming that one of the convictions is a lie as the victim is trying to cover up the theft of $150 from him, despite the fact she came forward 14 years after the event to the police about it.
  2. Anything Collins claims about the convictions are inadmissible because he refused to give evidence in the original trial, which is usually the action of a guilty man anyway.
  3. Barristers all agree there is nothing about the case that suggests Collins suffered a miscarriage of justice.
  4. Collins argued that their were discrepancies in the story of one of his victims as she actively stayed on board his yacht with him for about a month. He argued this was voluntary, when in fact she testified that it was because she was scared shitless of him because he kept threatening her with violence.
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Yeah, clearly there’s a lot of stuff going against what Collins is saying here. I suppose if you spend that much time locked up in jail though you’ve gotta cling onto something, and it looks like the hope that your stupid made up story might fool the rest of the world was what Collins was holding onto. Doesn’t look like it worked there buddy.

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