Sergio Garcia Caught Peeing In The Bushes During Live Golf Tournament

Hole in one.

I’m not really sure what the whole controversy about loads of pro golfers joining LIV golf for more money is all about – I’ve seen it a bit on my timeline is all – but I’m not really that bothered about the details when it leads to really funny content like Sergio Garcia peeing in the bushes during a live broadcast.

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I’m not really sure if this needs a description, but it’s basically showing another golfer teeing off, then Garcia decide that he can’t hold it in anymore and forcing him to wait whilst he runs across the screen and goes and stands right in front of the bushes. You don’t actually see him peeing but it seems pretty clear from where he’s standing. It also looks like it’s kind of out of shot and underneath a graphic which explains why nobody moved the camera in order to block it out.

Check out the footage below:

Lol that’s funny isn’t it and something I don’t think I’ve ever heard of happening on the old PGA tours or whatever the golfing company is over there these days. Also looks kind of cool that they’re playing golf in the desert. With comedy moments like that and cool arenas, maybe LIV golf is what finally gets me into the sport? Almost certainly not, but I suppose I’m slightly more interested in it than I have been before.

For more of the same, check out when Tiger Woods recently handed Justin Thomas a tampon during a round of golf because of banter. Stuff like that is reeling me in as well, I must admit.


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