Serena Williams Rap Single Leaked

Serena Williams trades a racket for a microphone as her new rap single is leaked.

Jay-Z and Kanye West have stated they are cautiously watching their throne after it was announced Serena Williams’s new rap single was leaked today. Jay-Z has been spotted nervously weeping, while Kanye has been seen loitering around the tennis section of JJB sports in the hope he can pick up some of the inspiration for her sweet rhymes.

Not really but it looks like Serena is officially as bored of tennis as everyone else in the world, and taken her ‘talents’ to the rap game. Just in case you were wondering how it turned out, it’s the musical equivalent to getting stabbed in the cock with a screwdriver, or if you are female, it’s like getting punched in the tits by Mike Tyson.

The clip that has been leaked is only a minute or so long, but that proves plenty of time for Serena to spit some of the worst lines in rap ever. She assures us that she has the ability to ‘cook the track up like a frozen pizza,’ (honestly, she does say that) and assures us ‘on the court I serve em’ up, no subpoena.’ I think legal action may be required however as I am almost certain my ears have been assaulted. Pretty sure Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks aren’t losing any sleep over the prospect of competing with Serena in the rap game, what next? Tim Henman releasing a trip-hop mixtape?

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If this wasn’t bad enough, heres some more misguided rap attempts.


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