Serena Williams Chased A Guy Who Jacked Her Phone From Restaurant And He Crapped Himself And Gave It Back

One of the last people on the planet you want to rob.

Serena Williams posted this story onto Instagram yesterday, bigging herself up for forcing a phone thief to hand back her phone to her:


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And today CCTV footage dropped that backed her story up 100%:

What a story. Some thief thinks he’s got away with stealing a phone from some random woman in a restaurant, except 10 seconds later he realises that random woman is an absolute armshouse:



And he basically just shat his pants in the middle of the street and gave her phone back. Totally demoralising experience for any phone thief out there. The type of experience that’ll make you reconsider your whole career as a phone thief. The guy’s just lucky she didn’t eat him alive the way she almost did Drake that one time.


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