A Semi Pro Footballer Has Entered The Love Island Villa Without Telling His Club


‘Love Island’ is always going to be full of complete and utter idiots and knobs and they’re not looking at bucking this trend any time soon after it was revealed that Ollie Williams’ replacement would be semi professional footballer Finn Tapp.

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It was revealed yesterday that Tapp had entered the villa but today his club Oxford City FC decided to share with us the fact that he hadn’t bothered to inform them about the fact he would be missing the next few weeks of training and matches. They didn’t seem that bothered though as they seemed to recognise that this was part of the rules and even shared a video of him scoring a goal:

That’s nice isn’t it, although you would think that maybe they’re a bit pissed of that they’re gonna be without their star centre half for big games against Braintree, Slough and Maidstone in the coming weeks. There’s always the possibly that they might be glad to be rid of him as he sounds like a bit of an arrogant knob, describing himself as ‘loud, outgoing and good looking’ on his first day on the show. Cringe.

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