Best New Tumblr Find: Selfies At Serious Places

This tumblr account collects selfies made by feckless teenagers at extremely serious places. Is there an issue with society here, or just an issue with selfies?

Some things just need to be documented, like visiting really serious places, because if you said that you had been to Chernobyl, no-one would believe you unless you showed them a selfie, right? Because people lie about visiting Auschwitz all the time, it’s pretty funny to say ‘Oh I’ve been to the 9/11 memorial’ and then be like ‘Only kidding, I’m not into all that somber shit.’

Selfies At Serious Places searches out the feckless youths who have completely misunderstood the crushing seriousness of Holocaust memorials, war tributes, tombs and even funerals. Some examples, including my friend below with the shockface selfie in the gas chambers at Auschwitz, presumably mean to convey the sadness or shock experienced inside said serious place.

Of course, all they succeed in doing is creating a cringeworthy sense of irony. A sad-pouty duckface outside the Berlin wall doesn’t exactly scream ‘sensitivity’. And taking a selfie at your grandmother’s funeral, well, no-one needs to explain what’s wrong with that.

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Teenagers can be stupid sometimes, I can accept that. What really needs to be addressed here is the scourge of the selfie. Whoever came up with the idea of taking a picture of your own face ought to be given a stern talking too. No one wants to see your face blown up at maximum zoom, the pimples and hair follicles only slightly masked by a liberally applied instagram filter. Please stop it.

Check out the selfies at serious places on the page.

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