Selena Gomez Just Bodybagged Justin Bieber With This Instagram Comment

The beef is well and truly on.

Everyone knows that Selena Gomez has been obsessed with Justin Bieber for years – she even went to rehab for her Bieber addiction after he dumped her in 2013.

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Well fast forward to 2016 and it looks like she’s STILL not over him.

It all started when Bieber shared a series of photos of him and his new girlfriend Sofia Richie on Instagram. After getting abuse from some fans, he threatened to make his Instagram account private so as to protect his new girlfriend from the trolls:

That’s when Selena Gomez decided to get involved and stick the boot in:


A bit like McGregor vs. Diaz except instead of two badasses battering each other in a cage, we’ve got two little pop stars commenting on Instagram. Question is who won this round? Selena did land a haymaker with that line about Bieber not being able to handle mean comments on Instagram. That does make him seem a bit of a pussy telling his 70+ million followers he’s going to go private because his girlfriend’s feeling are hurt. Not a good look threatening to do that and then getting shat on by your ex-girlfriend for it.

At the same time though, Selena proved that she’s not over Bieber in the slightest if she’s still checking his social media accounts let alone commenting on him and his new girlfriend. Why couldn’t she just keep quiet and enjoy everyone else ripping the piss out of them instead of getting involved herself? So petty, Selena. So petty.

Let’s call it a draw but really Selena should take it because she’s a million times hotter than Bieber’s new girl from what I’ve seen.






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