Good Samaritan Stops Segway Thief In London, Dashes Him Onto The Floor


Sweet little video doing the rounds today captures the moment a good samaritan walking down the street with his child spotted some guy sprinting down the road carrying a Segway that had been stolen just moments earlier.

The rescuer caught up to the man as he was running down Fendall Street in South East London, tripped him up and then dashed him onto the concrete again for good measure.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Segway reclaims his item:

The footage was picked up on the helmet cam of motorcyclist László CsÅ‘ke who uploaded the video onto YouTube — nice one mate. It’s nice to know this crook’s day went horribly wrong but knowing the moment it happened will be available online for all eternity makes it even better. Looks like he got away in the end but hopefully the footage helps the cops track him down.

Not quite the worst thief of all time though – those honours go to this guy.


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