Secretly Filmed Footage Shows Couple Performing Act On A Busy Dancefloor


Get a room.

Sometimes there comes a moment in your life when you absolutely can’t stop yourself from being completely and utterly all over someone you’re attracted to, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

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When this happens, you’re normally advised to go home ASAP so you can have some privacy, or at least find somewhere where you can get up to the bad stuff without being disturbed.

What you probably don’t want to end up happening is that you forget entirely where you are and end up ripping off each other’s clothes, before performing a completely NSFW act right there. That, however, is exactly what happened on the dance floor of this semi busy club in the town of Shakhtinsk in Kazakhstan. Predictably, this video is now all over the internet:

Geez, she just couldn’t get enough of it right? That’s great of course, but you probably want to save it for the bedroom rather than the dance floor right? It’s just not really that appropriate.

Having said that, this certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this grace these pages. Here’s a woman giving a guy a blow job in the street over in Thailand. At least they went down a back alley though eh?


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