Two Boys Find Secret Passageway In Family Home; Then Things Get Messed Up

This is a story that will literally terrify all you homeowners out there.

When you move into a house you generally expect to be able to walk around it and know where everything is before you move in. What you don’t expect is for your kids to accidentally discover a secret passageway in the master bedroom behind a bookcase, then follow it until you find a secret room in a crawl space with a bunch of blankets and weird shit that suggests someone has been living in the walls of your own house – that you bought – for God knows how long. That’s some freaky shit right there but that’s exactly what happened to this unfortunate family and they’ve got the pictures to prove it as well. This is completely terrifying.

The first picture is the bookcase as it was before they discovered the passageway behind it, the next ones are what happened as they went down it. It’s pretty fucking next level creepy that whoever was there had a weird key, weird Russian dolls and tiny elephant sculptures as some of their only possessions. It’s also completely messed up that the only entrance to the passageway was in the parents’ bedroom, so whoever this guy was must have been habitually sneaking in through their bedroom to this crawlspace through their bedroom.

The Halloween candy in the room is also said to be from one of the kids’ bedrooms. So this creepy weirdo went into the kid’s bedroom, stole the candy, then took it back to his crawl space which was inside their house. That whole story scares the life out of me. Chilling.

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Secret Door 1

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