There’s Now Actually A Netflix And Chill Button And You Can Make It Yourself

Netflix And Chill Button

Just press this and the lights are dimmed, takeout is ordered and all your calls are blocked so there’s absolutely nothing distracting you from Netflix and chill.

It seems like the phrase ‘Netflix and chill’ has only been in the universal vocabulary for about five minutes, but everyone knows what it means, everyone uses it and everyone knows what the connotations of it are. So much so, that Netflix have actually gone and developed a new ‘Netflix and chill’ button.

It’s essentially a switchboard powered device that preps your surroundings for a great romantic night of sitting on the couch and watching Netflix with your loved one… and everything else that comes with it.


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Basically, it’s a battery powered switch with built in WiFi that can sync to your smartphone, TV, and computer. When you activate it, it sends a message to your other devices and puts them into ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode – so nobody gets in the way of your ‘Netflix and chill’ – and also readies the Netflix queue for you.

Not only this, but it also dims the lights in your room, if that capability is available – if you’re super keen about ‘Netflix and chill’ then we’re sure it is – and you can also program it to order takeaway for you too. Wow.

There’s only one catch – because everyone’s  place is different, you’ve actually got to make it yourself. BUT, Netflix have helpfully produced the following video which shows you exactly how to do that and what happens with the button, as well as preparing a detailed step-by-step guide which you can read over here. It really is complicated though so I doubt anyone that likes chilling is going to be up for creating it themselves unless they’re already an experienced electrician. Wah.

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It’s a great idea, but I think Netflix have just made it for a laugh and I doubt anyone is actually going to spend time making their own. Or at least not many people.

Hurry up and figure out a way to mass market this guys, you know it makes sense, just like the Pizza Hut takeout movie projector box.


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