Season 5 Of Luther Is Premiering On New Year’s Day


It’ll be shown across form consecutive nights.

Speculation has been growing about the premiere date of Luther since the BBC announced that it would be happening over the festive period with anyone in possession of a brain hoping and praying that it would be taking the spot fo Mrs Brown’s Boys on Christmas Day this year.

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Unfortunately this isn’t going to be the case as the BBC have now finally confirmed that Luther will be premiering on New Year’s Day 2019. To be honest that’s probably a better idea as everyone will be hungover and dreading going to work the day after, so why not ease everyone into it by putting some high quality television on? It makes sense.

In even better news, it’s not even going to be on weekly but will instead be broadcast every day at 9pm before the final episode on the 4th of January. Can’t really ever remember a TV show returning to our screens in this format before, but I’m pretty glad about it and will be definitely be tuning in for it – as I imagine most of the country will be as well.

If you’re still not convinced about Luther, then check out the trailer for the fifth series right here. It does look pretty damn good.


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