Seann Walsh Insists ‘Girlfriend Chokeslam’ Video Was ‘Obviously Light-Hearted’ Following Backlash

Is chokeslamming your girlfriend onto the bed wrong?

Earlier this week we wrote about Brooklyn Beckham and fiancée Nicole Peltz being hounded into taking an Instagram photo down after people accused them of glorifying domestic abuse, and now UK comedian and actor Seann Walsh finds himself in a similar spot.

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However, rather than simply having his hand around girlfriend Grace Adderley’s throat like the aforementioned, Walsh hit her with a full-on Undertaker-style chokeslam complete with WWE commentary on top:

Vince McMahon would be proud. Well, maybe not the best sell job by Grace just cracking up laughing rather than writhing around in pain and making it look realistic, but still a fairly decent bump on the bed. Why didn’t Walsh follow up with the Tombstone piledriver and cover her for the three-count?

Anyway, despite the fact Grace has the biggest smile on her face and this is clearly a video of a couple just having fun, domestic violence charity Solace Women’s Aid were not amused. Spokesperson Shaista Aziz told The Sun:

Glamorising choking women and grabbing women by the throat is starting to become more prevalent in imagery posted on Instagram and social media and by high-profile people.

Violence and violence against women and girls should never be normalised in any form – it is disturbing to see these images.

Seann’s rep responded to the criticism via his rep speaking to the Metro:

It’s obvious from the video that they were messing around and it was all meant in a light-hearted manner.

You heard him – just two kids in their mid 20s messing around and having fun. Are you telling me boyfriends are no longer allowed to practice wrestling moves on their girlfriends in the bedroom? That basically takes all the fun out of a relationship. Or is the problem solely that they filmed their shenanigans and put them online?

Either way, I can’t imagine anyone with the proclivity to abuse their partner watching Seann Walsh or Brooklyn Beckham chokeslam their girlfriends and suddenly feeling justified attacking their girlfriends for real. But hey, maybe I’m wrong.

Back in August, Seann Walsh announced he was taking a break from social media due to all the hate and trolling directed at him:

So I’m sure the guy will now be thrilled by this reaction to him having a laugh with his missus. Can’t a man pull off a few WWE moves on his consenting girlfriend in peace?

Never forget:

For a look at the Brooklyn Beckham choking image that drew similar wrath earlier this week, click HERE.


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