Watch This Gangster Seagull Rob A Café While Stunned Customers Just Let It Happen

Guard your crisps if you see this bad boy about.

A café was robbed of a full, unopened bag of crisps this week by a thief so terrifying that no one present had the balls to do anything about it.

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You can see how confident the seagull is as he casually strolls in like he owns the place, picks up the bag of crisps and then just walks out while everyone watching is just happy they survived to tell the tale.

Watch below:

There’s every chance that seagull does that every single day at the exact same time and they’ve got no choice but to let him get away with it. That’s what happens when you let someone take liberties with you the first time; they’ll do it again and again. Maybe one day someone will finally man up and punch this seagull in the face. Until that happens, better order a few extra crates of crisps.

Maybe this seagull-killing octopus can help.


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