VIDEO: Seagull Trys To Eat Crisp That’s Sellotaped To The Other Side Of A Window


A few guys in an office outsmart a seagull with a crisp and some Sellotape.

I found this video a few years back at Uni when I pretty much spent most of my time getting high and surfing youtube, instead of studying like any other self respecting student. Not a lot has changed since then.

This video is sheer genius. Some dude decided it’d be a great idea to tape a Dorito to his office window and this seagull totally thought he’d snagged himself a delicious triangular snack. Now, I am a real sucker for people with contagious laughs and this guy has a corker, I mean he’s not quite Ricky Gervais or the Laddergoat guy but it still gets me going.

The video has only racked up 5,000 odd views since 2008 but I think it has the potential to do so much better. Check it out, it’s bound to brighten up your day.

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