Scream Cast: Where Are They Now?

So just what exactly happened to Skeet Ulrich, David Arquette and Matthew Lillard?

Where are the Scream cast now? This is probably NOT a question that you regularly beat yourself up over not knowing the answer to, but with Scream 4 – or Scr4m – out this weekend maybe it slightly piqued your curiosity? No? Well mine was certainly piqued upon re-watching the original Scream movie last night with Shoey when he remarked: ‘Why isn’t Billy Loomis in more movies? He looks a bit like a young Johnny Depp?.’ Of course, being somewhat of a film geek, I knew that Billy Loomis was played by Skeet Ulrich but couldn’t really remember any other movies he had been in, except dumb teenage witch thriller The Craft (which incidentally also starred Neve Campbell) and this got me to thinking: Where is the Scream cast now? So then I found out – as it stands most of them are still best known for Scream, but a couple of them have done some cool shit:


Neve Campbell Scream

Neve Campbell was super hot and probably the only reason a guy would ever consider watching Party of Five right? Girls had much better reasons with both Scott Wolf and Matthew Fox present though and probably related more to the storylines too. Anyway, Neve Campbell obviously played the heroine Sidney Prescott in the Scream trilogy and returns for scre4m. She didn’t really do anything that big after Scream except obviously appearing in every teenage boys’ favourite movie Wild Things (which apparently was called $ex Crimes in Belgium), where she got to fvck Denise Richards in a swimming pool and in a threesome with Matt Dillon. What a movie. Other than that, she’s appeared in a bunch of indie movies that nobody has heard of like When Will I Be Loved and Panic (although both are critically acclaimed) and also in a TV series that nobody has ever heard of called The Philanthropist. Neve has also appeared in a bunch of stage productions on the West End. Here’s a pic of her and Denise Richards from Wild Things. If you haven’t seen it you really, really should:

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