This Scottish Woman Has Never Felt Pain, Anxiety Or Fear Thanks To X-Men Style Mutation

Real life X-men.

A 71-year-old woman in Scotland has lived an almost completely pain-free life thanks to a gene mutation that has given her superhero-style powers, including enhanced wound feeling.

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Jo Cameron sought treatment six years ago for a hip problem, which turned out to be arthritis. Typically the pain would be unbearable, but Jo underwent two surgeries and was completely pain-free the entire time. So doctors then decided to study her further.

In a study published in the British Journal of Anaesthesia this week, researchers concluded that Jo experiences no anxiety or fear, and also has enhanced wound healing — all because of the gene mutation.

According to Dr. James Cox, the study’s lead researcher at UCL:

We found this woman has a particular genotype that reduces activity of a gene already considered to be a possible target for pain and anxiety treatments.

Now that we are uncovering how this newly-identified gene works, we hope to make further progress on new treatment targets.

Researchers discovered a mutation in a gene called Faah (Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase) — which plays a role in the parts of the central nervous system affected by the compounds in cannabis.

Doctors and researchers are now conducting further tests on Jo’s gene samples to further understand her unique genetic makeup.

We hope that with time, our findings might contribute to clinical research for post-operative pain and anxiety, and potentially chronic pain, PTSD and wound healing, perhaps involving gene therapy techniques.

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So this basically proves that the X-men are real, doesn’t it? Jo Cameron is essentially an X-men style mutant who feels no pain. She didn’t even need painkillers after having two hip surgeries because she couldn’t feel anything. She simply cannot be a normal human being like the rest of us.

Hopefully these scientists find a way to clone Jo’s mutant genetics and allow the rest of us to experience a life free of pain, fear and anxiety. I mean imagine stubbing your toe and not having to curl up in the foetal position afterwards? Imagine approaching a hot girl/guy and having absolutely no anxiety and self-doubt about it?

And all this time vampires thought drinking young people’s blood was the secret to infinite health, maybe they should give 71-year-old Jo’s blood a try.


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